About Tonya

About Tonya

Tonya Jaynes

Currently I perform with the Mike Vernon Trio, we play Bossa nova, Movie theme, Tiki, Swing and Funk music and I am the alternate drummer for Mikes surf band called Three Balls of Fire. I also perform with the Robert Fernandez Latin Combo. I am currently recording with Bobby Tomei . I also perform and direct the percussion section of the South Bay Youth Orchestra. I teach for the Bloom School of music and the Oaks school enrichment program. I am developing a student teacher program at Drum Bizarre in La Puente California.

I played the glockenspiel and percussion in the 7th grade band and in ninth grade I joined the drum core class. Mom and Pierre gave me a drum set for christmas when I was 13. I started taking drum lessons with John Nasshan (grandson of Bobby Christian) and then I upgraded my drum set on my 14th birthday. This was when Tony, my brother, and I started our first band Y-not.

When I was 16, I was in a bad car accident and I am a burn survivor. Playing the drum set helped my self-esteem, confidence, physical, mental and emotional ability and connected me to what I loved doing before my accident. Because of my right leg injuries, I became a left-handed drummer insuring that I would still be able to play the drum set. When I recovered, mom and Pierre bought me my Sonor signature series African Bubinga drum set of which I fell in love with the moment I saw. Mo and Marty Mahoney, of the professional drum shop of Las Vegas, took me with them to Zyljian day in L A. This is when I was introduced to Tony Willaims , Steve Gadd, Alex Acuna and Ansley Dunbar. After writing a letter to Horst Link, the president of Sonor to introduce myself and express my love for my drum set, I went to Germany and the Music Mesa as a guest and played in the 3rd International Drummers Meet. These experiences were very important in my recovery and in helping me have a vision of what I wanted to do in my life. I am so grateful.

When I was 19 John, my teacher, gave me his drum students, and I have spent the last 25 years learning how people learn. I have been studying drum set from many teachers, books and music my whole life, with a passion for understanding rhythm, drumming, coordination, style, technique and the history of drumming, as well as coming together with musicians, students, teachers, friends and family with this common love.

I have a BA in Percussion Performance from the University of Las Vegas. I am a mallet and classical percussion student of Dr. Dean Gronemeier.

I am level one Orff Shulwerk Certified and I have studied music methods for early childhood.